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Lip butter are unique products that melt into the lips, immediately conditioning and softening them. Their creamy, buttery texture and delightful aroma is perfect for pampering and relieving dry and sore lips – nothing quite compares. Instantly hydrate and soften your lips with our Mango Lip Butter, which is packed full of Community Trade shea from Ghana. Yoffinity CBD Isolate, 99% complex, will provide the unique dermal healing effect. It will keep you coming back for more.


Lip butter is helpful in sealing the cracks that are visible on a chapped mouth. The sealing helps prevent infection and further irritation. A hydrated mouth often makes an individual look younger.

Organic component such as mango butter with tiny touch of grapefruit oil will create an amazing combination of healing compound with extraordinary effect. Lip butter are very popular during the winter months, they should be used year around to provide protection to the lips which can be damaged from a number of environmental factors.

How to apply

  • Use your fingers to apply the butter to your lips. Use your index finger, applying to the center of the bottom lip first, working your way toward the corners. Use a small amount and apply evenly to the lips, adding more balm as necessary.
  • Rosehip Butter,Shea Butter Mango Butter, Mango Seed, Bea wax
  • Evening Primrose Oil,Chia Seed Oil
  • Watercress Oil,Cherry Kernel Oil
  • Hemp CBD Isolate 99%, 200 mg,500mg,750mg
  • Vitamin E.

What to Expect.

Cold, dry weather and sun exposure can leave lips vulnerable resulting in dryness, chapping, or cracks.  A lib butter to replenish moisture and protect your lips from further damage.

Provides a protective layer on the lip surface to help seal moisture in your lips, which will protect them from external exposures. Cold temperatures, wind, and dry air will heavily create a drying effect on your skin by drawing moisture away from your body.With CBD lip butter, you have cannabidiol along with natural ingredients.

Lip butter, Nourishing and softening, mango seed oil from India Light, tropical scent. Gives lips a light natural-looking sheen.

How to store

  • Away from Direct Sunlight.
  • Keep them in a cabinet, drawer..
  • Store Items outside of the bathroom to help ensure that they’ll stay cool and dry for optimum results when you apply them.

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